Customers Comments
“I’ve wanted an un-cut M151A2 Mutt for decades. In fact, since the 70's and 80's when I used to ride in them in a
few Field Artillery units I was a member of. A few years ago I found Frank Dusini's old website and began an
intermittent correspondence with him about finding an un-cut Mutt.

After more than a year, when I finally ruled out any other type of jeep, like an older M38, and made up my mind on
paying what it took to get a good A2, I contacted Frank. What I'd been seeing on his website made me believe he
knew a lot about these vehicle.

It was a good thing I did contact Frank, since he had a couple rusty old, un-cut A2's ready for restoration. We
agreed upon a price and the level of restoration, and that began the restoration of what I'm sure will be one of the
finest examples of an M151A2 on the road today. It's nearly compete.

While I originally made our contract and communicated with Frank by phone and email, I had a chance to fly down
to his place a couple weeks ago. We looked at the progress he's made on the Mutt and discussed a lot of the
details about the finishes for the jeep. It was then that I confirmed how much this man knows about M151's! He's a
Mutt encyclopedia. And his attention to detail is phenomenal. I think Frank has touched every nut and bolt on this
jeep. It's a frame off, total restoration. Back to the very specs it was delivered to the military with in 1973. It will run
as good as it looks.

If you're into military vehicles, IMFMOTORPOOL is a great choice. One of your first calls must be Frank Dusini. He
is knowledgeable, capable, maintains excellent facilities, and supremely honest as a businessman. And the vehicle
he restores for you will be damn near perfect."

Brian McConnell
Lt. Col, Field Artillery (Retired)
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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